Worm-a-bago – A Wormfarm on wheels

In Compost & Worm Farms by Cris Pearson

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.

With this thought in mind, how can we grow, healthy, nutrient dense food that will sustain our bodies with wholesome goodness? In this video we discuss aspects of creating organic liquid fertilizer for your garden as well as vermicompost. This portable worm farm has great airflow, is vermin proof and has the added feature of a measuring gauge to indicate the amount of worm juice in the Worm-a-bago.

The vermicompost is a nutrient rich addition to garden beds with the added benefit of containing a diverse range of soil microbes that boost the capacity of the soil to continuously supply plants with their nutrient needs. Transform food waste into a valuable resource and celebrate the health benefits that this brings to every one who eats produce from your garden.

This is part of a project funded by Rethink Waste Tasmania and Northern Tasmania Waste Management.