DIY Upcycled Wicking Garden Beds

In DIY Tips, Green Building, Training, Upcycled Eco Products by Cris Pearson

Wicking beds make gardening in summer more productive and time and water efficient all year around.

We’ve decided to create a series of videos walking you thought how to make wicking beds in a few ways.

Parts list

  • Upcycled apple crate
  • Old carpet or underfelt to crate bottom size
  • Waterproof barrier to crate sides and bottom size. This should be a food grade plastic.
  • Slotted Ag-pipe
  • Gravel – Enough to just cover ag-pipe
  • Geofabric or polyester fabric blanket to crate bottom size
  • PVC pipe and elbow fitting (or follow the supplemental video to make a elbow fitting from a milk carton)
  • Irrigation pipe fittings and elbow
  • Small section home garden irrigation pipe
  • 42mm slats of timber
  • Silicon waterproof sealer

Tools list

  • Tape Measure
  • Drill and drillbit
  • Staple gun
  • Saw
  • Ear muffs
  • Safety glasses
Intro video on items needed to build a wicking bed to grow nutritious food.
Step-by-step video on making a wicking bed from an apple crate.
Another how to video Using an IBC to make a wicking bed.
Up-cycle a milk container into an elbow join for both the Apple Crate and IBC style beds.