Permaculture Education

We're a family business with 30+ years experience in sustainable food system research, education, community development training and practical implementation of innovative garden designs and community programs.

We believe caring for the earth is the central starting point for all decision-making, which inherently leads to sustainable systems for all.

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Earth Care

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People Care

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the key is Diversity 

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Design & Consultation

We're here to help you through these steps and find a sustainable system for your home, garden and community.
  • Permaculture Design

    Design and help you create a small space intensive food garden.

  • Feed the global family

    Work alongside schools, communities and individuals growing a diverse range of food plants to maximise health and wellbeing.

  • Education programs

    Focusing on soil health and managing waste in a closed loop system. Compost, worm farms, green manures and more!

  • Community Development

    We value the creativity, skills, talents and enthusiasm that flourishes in close communities and work beside key stakeholders to facilitate community events that showcase these talents.

  • Nurturing Creativity

    Creative, fun and meaningful Biodiversity Education programs in schools and communities.

  • Upcycled Products

    Design, promote, make/create with community groups and also distribute upcycled crafts to reduce waste to landfill and provide plastic free options.

Explore Permaculture Principles

Observe & Interact

Catch & Store Energy

Obtain a Yield

Apply Self-Regulation & Accept Feedback

Use & Value Resources & Services

Produce No Waste

Design from Pattern to Detail

Integrate Rather Than Segregate

Use Small & Slow Solutions

Use & Value Diversity

Use Edges & Value the Marginal

Creatively Use & Respond to Change


Community Events

permaculture design training

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Green Building & home gardens

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composting & Worm Farm Education

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Upcycled eco product Creation

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WE couldn't do it without

an amazing TEAM


Permaculture Instructor


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Micro Farm Designer


Food Forest Designer

our partners in Permaculture

Design your garden, your future & your life at the same time

Get started now, our team can share how to integrate permacutulture principles into your life and garden! Design your life to maximize positive health and well-being while having fun, being creative and experiencing tasty productivity.

We welcome each of you to get involved with the local community and work alongside key stakeholders to facilitate collective events that showcase your talents.

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